The BXO Toolbox is the place to go for freeware and open source tools for alarm management and electronics.

These are released "as is", without warranty or support.

Protocol Testers and Simulators

 This is a package of applications that can be of help for system integrators. The Programmable Parser Tester can be used to simulate a log printer output, such as a fire alarm or nuse call system. The Nurse call system simulator simulates different nurse call systems from a number of vendors. The package also contains a SIO protocol tester for simulating text messaging to a KIRK/COBS DECT system.

  Sound Converter, converts audio files for Spectralink WiFi phones
  ESPA 4.4.4 Master / Slave tester *UPDATED*
  UDP Terminal (send/receive data over UDP)
  Pager emulator (currently simulates Salcom and EMS pagers) 
  Modbus TCP test utility
  Terminal Emulator to replace Hyperterminal
  Bosch NurseCall 2 AlarmManagement protocol tester
  SOS Access V4 Test Server and Client

Program[zip, 2M]
Manual for the Programmable Parser Tester [pdf, 50k]
Manual for the KIRK/COBS CCFP Emulator [pdf, 119k]
Manual for the Nurse Call System Simulator [pdf, 66k]


Voltage Divider Calculator

Screenshot of the voltage divider calculatorThis program is a tool that calculates resistor values for voltage dividers. It will automatically pick resistors from a certain series (E6, E12, E24 or E48).

Enter the input voltage and the desired output voltage. The program will suggest the best matching resistors from the selected series, as well as display the actual output voltage and the deviation from the desired voltage (error).

Download & Install
Install BXO Voltage Divider Calculator V1.0



Third party software that we find useful 

Com0com is an interesting open source software that can be used to create pairs of virtual COM ports that are linked.

With Free Serial Port Monitor you can log the information being sent and received and then save the log file. This is great for trouble shooting serial protocols.