Critical Communication

Mission Critical Alert and Event Management

We're BXO and we deal with Mission Critical Alert and Event Management. Our offering is built around our LAS platform, a control system that integrates almost any alerting and messaging product on the market. Part of the solution is a unique push notification service that can run on prem as well as in a private or public cloud. We have clients in wildly different fields ranging from elderly care and hospitals to steel and oil industry.

To put it simply - we manage alarms, from anything to anything!


BXO - Member of Critical Communication Sweden

Bengt Strömberg 
Sales and Marketing, Nordics


Marnix Haesen
Sales and Marketing, Europe

Mobile Alarm Management

Security by Design

  • Can be used on prem, in isolated air-gapped networks
  • Block chain technology ensures data integrity
  • RAFT clustering possible for high availability through redundancy