Några filmklipp med LAS i huvudrollen.

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Publicerades den 20 juni 2017
Local Alarm Solutions visar hur ett assistanslarm via LAS hanteras i Spectralink-telefoner.

Publicerades den 30 oktober 2016
Local Alarm Solutions presents a demo video on the integration of LAS to MiTel and Aastra

Publicerades den 8 juni 2016
Local Alarm Solutions presents an infovideo on the integration of LAS to iServ.


Publicerades den 10 juli 2012
LAS monitoing via ATA the Spectralink Wi-Fi 8030 Handset


Publicerades den 6 mars 2014
In this video we have a basic Nurse Call System that needs an EMERGENCY button so we use LAS and Spectralink with the programmable soft buttons to ADD emergency function to the nurse call system without the need for extra hardware.


Publicerades den 6 mars 2014
The Latest WiFi Android based work smart device to be integrated into LAS Software suite, The Pivot 8753 can receive Nurse Call, Fire, BMS and Security Alarms then use the interactive ACCEPT, REJECT or RESET functions to notify others users of the alarm status

Spectralink Ekahau RTLS To LAS
Publicerades den 21 aug. 2012

Polycom Spectralink 8440 Handset with Ekahau RTLS module updating position and then the PPT button is activated. LAS receives the alarm and asks Ekahau for the last position and then sends this position information with the alarm details to the Spectralink handsets.